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I’ve been on my Spiritual path since I was 24, I began attending classes and circle at the Belfast Spiritualist Church. Over the years of my training as a medium I studied in the Arthur Findlay College, London. I was fortunate to work alongside a few highly skilled teachers from the college, Tony Stockwell, Glyn Edwards, Chris Drew, Andy Byng, Mavis Pittila and Paul Jacobs. As my journey into mediumship unfolded I began working with clients for private sittings and demonstrating my ability to the public.


Back in 2009 I opened my first holistic centre called ‘House of Healing’ it was a beautiful centre selling new age gifts, crystals and jewellery. We provided services in healing and offered training. From here I taught students and shared my insights through my mediumship to clients. I decided in September 2020 to close the shop and work from home. This gave the opportunity to slow down and finally write my first book ‘The Miracle of Mediumship’.

I love working with audiences and continue to create events ‘Evenings of Mediumship’ in different parts of the UK and Ireland. What started as an interest in the subject of Mediumship quickly turned into a passion and devotion to help individuals who are grieving or seeking direction in life. It’s incredible to pass on the knowledge and truth that has been evidenced to me for twenty years. What I have learned, is there is no death, souls who are departed continue and wish to share joyously their communication, reassurance and love.

My mission I believe is to comfort and reassure people in times of grief, stress or loss. To instil hope and upliftment through the evidential connection to those passed to Spirit.
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