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International Psychic Medium, Author and Teacher


Angela had recurring dreams about playing as a DJ in nightclubs. Believing this was her calling in life, she began her career as a club DJ, mixing her tunes in front of audiences. Her ambition was certainly leaning towards a path in the music industry. That was until she stumbled upon a local Spiritualist Church. Feeling an immediate pull to the atmosphere and the energy, Angela started attending weekly services. She had no idea of the miracles that were about to unfold.

Her interest with mediumship flourished and she began attending weekly classes. Amazingly, she began establishing her own links to Spirit, passing on messages from deceased loved ones. Only then did she fully understand her true calling in life; to serve others through her gift of communicating with Spirit.

Angela committed herself to circle work, developing her abilities through training. Initially, fear tried to hinder her from building her own business and having a career in mediumship. However, the signs kept coming: “You will work as a medium”.

Angela took a leap of faith in 2006 and opened a Mind, Body, Spirit shop, selling new age gifts. She created space for clients to have one-to-one readings. She also facilitated workshops, meditation and training.  

Angela has touched the lives of thousands of people over the decades. She has brought her mediumship to open audiences in Europe, Australia and the UK. She has given hope, comfort and empathy to those she has worked with. She has restored faith.

Angela’s grounded approach has gained her a solid reputation in the UK. Her strong following on social media keeps her fans interested in upcoming events and demonstrations. Angela’s one-to-one work is fully booked with live shows constantly selling out. She teaches group programs to students who are interested in developing their psychic abilities.

 In September 2020, Angela decided to close her shop and focus on writing her book ‘The Miracle of Mediumship, True life stories of Mediumship and the Afterlife’. During this fascinating memoir, Angela describes how she got involved with mediumship. She reveals remarkable real-life stories of how mediumship heals people from grief.  This inspiring work clearly describes that not only do we survive our physical death, but more importantly, the bonds of love between the two worlds are eternal.

I love working with audiences and continue to create events ‘Evenings of Mediumship’ in different parts of the UK and Ireland. What started as an interest in the subject of Mediumship quickly turned into a passion and devotion to help individuals who are grieving or seeking direction in life. It’s incredible to pass on the knowledge and truth that has been evidenced to me for twenty years. What I have learned, is there is no death, souls who are departed continue and wish to share joyously their communication, reassurance and love.

My mission I believe is to comfort and reassure people in times of grief, stress or loss. To instil hope and upliftment through the evidential connection to those passed to Spirit.
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