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How to Sign Up for YOUR Live Online Courses

Why not in the comfort of your own home and in an awesome group expereince join Angela sharing her unique gift, intuition and wisdom to help you overcome any personal issues you are experiencing at present. By joining up you will receive a special invite to a Facebook Secret group that only you can access even after the course has finished. 


Check below for upcoming courses and times! Make sure you register your email address, you will be reminded on the day of the course. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Manifesting Your Dreams Workshop
Thursday 11th January 7-9pm 


Access New Skills in Empowering yourself with techiques to achieve your goals. Work together with Angela and your group to co-create a life that you deserve. How to refocus your attention from worry and fear to Success and receiving all you desire. Techniques to improve your health, reduce stress by learning how to meditate and breathe properly. Learn from Angela how to overcome patterns of self doubt and critism. How to find more meaning in life, regain your passion and motivation for life. Exercises that help you to fulfill your Soul's purpose. A course not to be missed!


You will need a pen and paper, access to Facebook, this course is accessible anytime after the Live Facebook Feed has finished. You will be emailed a link after you have signed up. See you there!

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We all have an ornate spiritual power within, unlocking this ability to connect with it takes time and practice to open your gifts and potential. This course is designed for those who wish to learn how to connect with their Spirit guides, meditation, practices with psycometry, oracle cards, understanding what the Aura is and how to use it effectively to give accuate readings. 


This course is designed over a four week period as an introduction to Psychic and Mediumship.  





Are you feeling anxious, stressed, or fearful about your life? 


Why not try this one hour introduction Live meditation with Angela as she explains what meditation is and the benefits of it. Angela will give you a practice during the Live with a group of others all in the comfort of your own home. You can use this practice anytime you wish again.





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