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Interactive Live Online Courses

Join one of my Interactive Online Courses on the Law of Attraction, Meditation, Developing your Spiritual Gifts and Intution and many more in a supportive and encouraging group.


These courses are designed to enhance your Mental, Emotionally and Spiritual well being adding to your experiences everyday in a positive and enhancing way.


Angela will personally guide and interact with you through a Live Facebook  page, after signing up you will receive an email to the Page, you access any time you wish. This Gives  you a chance to ask questions, listened to wisdom and guidace Angela has gained from 15 years working as medium and helping thousands of people across the world to feel more connected to their own Personal Power! All in the comfort of your own home.


Check below for upcoming courses and times!



We all have an ornate spiritual power within, unlocking this ability to connect with it takes time and practice to open your gifts and potential. This course is designed for those who wish to learn how to connect with their Spirit guides, meditation, practices with psycometry, oracle cards, understanding what the Aura is and how to use it effectively to give accuate readings. 


This course is designed over a four week period as an introduction to Psychic and Mediumship.  



Ever wondered why some people seem to get ahead? They appear to have more success? Lead more fulfilling lives and create more happiness? The GOOD NEWS IS YOU CAN TOO!! 


I will help show you techiques that may be blocking you from reaching your potential, to begin the year ahead with a positive, determined mindset that you can achieve anything you want to change in your life. A course designed for you to get the best out of 2018 



Are you feeling anxious, stressed, or fearful about your life? 


Why not try this one hour introduction Live meditation with Angela as she explains what meditation is and the benefits of it. Angela will give you a practice during the Live with a group of others all in the comfort of your own home. You can use this practice anytime you wish again. 



How to Sign Up for this Course


1. You will need access to a Facebook Account

2. Please use form above to add your email address 

3. Pay for the course using the Paypal button it also takes credit cards etc.

4. After purchasing and adding your email, Angela will email you a link to a 'Secret Group' on Facebook that will be used to do the Live teaching sessions 

5. Please note that this is UK time

6. Classes will be available forever to you through the group if you wish to go back over them at any point 

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